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Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta  released VYqLfpi


 Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta released

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Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta  released Empty
PostSubject: Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta released   Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta  released EmptySat Dec 18, 2010 3:02 am

Yahoo!'s Messenger has never really competed against Windows Live Messenger, but it tries to make itself noticed by stuffing itself full of features. Users have had a full day to try out the beta of version 11 now, so does it do enough to make it the instant messenger we should all be using?

If you liked version 10, there's nothing controversial here like there was with Live Messenger. Yahoo! Messenger 11 is just as loud and bursting with features as it ever was, and it's just not cool. Offering a radio player, for example, is unnecessary. I'd be surprised if the social games on offer will stop people playing them on Facebook.

The best apps today are focused and lightweight, but Yahoo! Messenger hasn't got the message. In some ways that's a shame, because video calls are still really good, and the IM part is perfectly functional. The whole thing is let down by the bloat and noisy design. Despite being 'new', it's outdated. Yahoo! has been quietly improving its mail service for a while now, and if I hadn't already gone to Gmail, I would consider it. Unfortunately Messenger seems to be moving in the opposite direction.

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Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta released
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